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What is Foxyclix?

Foxyclix is a proprietary link redirection service - currently for internal use only. Main features include:
  • dynamic destination switching based on country geo ip of visitor, to the offers that make the most $ for that market
  • subid parameter passing to destination links, so you can measure what sources get the best ROI
  • hosted system, so no need to install anything on your own sites
  • no stats collected, so redirection speed is maximized
  • default link for countries not specified, so none of your traffic is wasted
  • easy, secure, web based account, so you can manage your links from anywhere, anytime
  • no limit on campaigns, so any sized marketer is accomodated

Target users are advertisers, affiliates,  and domainers.

Foxyclix is currently in beta and not available commercially, but...

If you want an invite then submit an enquiry and let me know why you need this, how much traffic you are talking, #campaigns, and how much you'd pay for it (per click).