Which is better - GoDaddy or DreamHost ?


My name is Peter and I run a successful online business. The one thing I don’t have is a lot of time and since I work on the internet - it seems that time goes by even faster.

Wasting time with a domain and hosting registrar can get very expensive. Here’s my brief story.

I had a domain hosting account with GoDaddy for about a year before I realized I had made a big mistake. It all started recently when I joined an affiliate network and set up an account as an affiliate. No problems so far, but read on...

After a few days I hadn’t heard from the affiliate network - where was my confirmation and link to login? I waited a few more days - still nothing. I checked my “spam quarantine folder” - still nothing.

So I called up the affiliate network and they said “Sure you’re approved - we sent you a confirmation email days ago!” What the heck? Where was it? No problem we’ll send you another to a different account (not hosted by GoDaddy).

So I got the confirmation email finally and started to investigate what happened to the original email. I sent the confirmation email back to my original email address (hosted by GoDaddy) and guess what - the darn thing was rejected and sent back to me.

Why was it rejected? I asked GoDaddy technical support and they said that they screen ALL emails for phishing/viruses/spam etc. and reject emails they deem inappropriate. Thanks guys... thanks for nothing.

They reject perfectly legit emails from legit sources, and don’t even tell you they’ve done it. So you will never get that email or even know it was sent to you!

What’s even funnier is that I don’t even have an email account at GoDaddy - I just have it forwarded to my super-spam checker email account somewhere else.  So I complained to their management but they said they can’t do anything about it as it’s a “server wide feature”. They can’t turn it off for specific accounts nor can they notify you when they reject an email.

I searched and found other forums where people have complained about this issue with GoDaddy before. GoDaddy is probably working on getting this fixed but as of now it’s still an issue.

I threatened to take my business elsewhere and that’s what I did. I signed up with Dreamhost, where they have spam checking but you can elect to turn it off. Here is the wording on this point straight from the Dreamhost control panel:

“When mail is caught by our filter, it is held in limbo and not delivered to your Inbox. The only way to see this mail (and have it delivered) is to log into webmail.”

So if you find out that an email was lost, you can just go into your webmail account (which is included free with DreamHost) and pull it out from the holding tank. Simple.

The signup process with Dreamhost was fantastic. Everything clearly explained and although the hosting account is just a few $ more per month, you get so much more than a basic GoDaddy account. I will stay with Dreamhost and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for low cost but high quality hosting and domain registration. If you are already with GoDaddy but need more than just a domain, I suggest you switch out of there today. Just signup with Dreamhost first so that once it’s set up it’s easier to switch your domain over without losing traffic. Another bonus is that you can host unlimited domains under one plan and you get one free domain registration!

Now that I am a Dreamhost customer I have found that there are many other happy Dreamhost customers.

The Bottom Line:

I shouldn’t be so hard on them - the good thing about GoDaddy is that they have cheap domains - as low as $3.99 if you order some other plans from them at the same time. They have responded to my complaints about their email filtering and I expect that one day they might clear up this issue. So if you just want a domain name go with GoDaddy for now. If you want more than that - e.g. some hosting with a free domain name included, AND unlimited domains hosted under one plan, then get Dreamhost. Use this promo code when you sign up and get an instant 50% off (up to $50 off): HAPPY50