Go International with the Internet

Companies looking to enter a new market are faced with many options. Until recently it has been only a small percentage of companies who have managed to gain a foothold in other markets where they can sell their products and services.

Going international - what risks face you today?

  • Not researching the market and analyzing the fit of the product to the market.
  • Assigning someone to oversee the new market without the experience necessary.
  • Paying for expensive moving costs, office setup, legal fees, other capital expenses.
  • Paying high overhead costs with little sales to justify them.
  • Picking the wrong local advisors who have no understanding of the market or culture.

What if you could:

  • Reduce your costs of expensive market research but increase ROI?
  • Avoid wasting money on expensive sales staff?
  • Speed up your sales in North America to see positive cash flow sooner?
  • Have a virtual sales team working 24/7 who is continuously improving their hit rate?

Have you considered entering a market using internet marketing techniques?

Hi! My name is Peter Koning and I have over 20 years experience in international business, marketing, and helping companies enter new markets and launch new products. I can help you reach your international or domestic product launch objectives using internet marketing techniques currently in use in the exploding North American online market.

Lower your risk, speed up your sales!

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